Professional Food Manager

Our Food Safety Manager Certification Program assesses the knowledge and skills of food managers. We use recognized exam development practices to design certification exams that exceed industry expectations for clarity and accuracy.

The Food Manager Certification credential communicates to the food service and retail industry that you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to oversee the safe storage, preparation, and service of food in the workplace. This credential is received by passing the Food Manager Certification Exam


Food Manager Training:

Learning Objectives:

  • Be familiar with all types of food hazards 
  • Be particularly familiar with the most common, pervasive, and dangerous food hazards 
  • Know the different conditions and situations in which hazards enter food 
  • Know risk factors that make food service situations more vulnerable to hazards 
  • Have necessary resources to identify different foodborne illnesses, their symptoms, and associated foods 
  • Understand the fundamental behaviors, techniques, and practices that keep food safe 
  • Be prepared to teach and train employees on safe food practices 
  • Understand what types of programs and policies will help accomplish food safety goals 
  • Be able to follow specific steps to create and implement the most important food safety systems Know how facility design can promote systemic food safety