1. Communicate The Right Way:
Ineffective communication often occurs when managers talk to the wrong employees or share information in the wrong workplace setting. So, make sure the communication purpose directs you to relevant recipients.

2. Prioritize Two-Way Communication:
To avoid missing important information, don’t listen to a coworker just so you can reply. Instead, listen to understand them. Maintain eye contact with the speaker, jot down whatever comes to your mind while they’re speaking, and respond with relevant gestures to show you’re listening.

3. Build Your Communication Skills:

– Be clear: To communicate effectively, be clear about your goal, use easy-to-understand words and avoid incomplete sentences.
– Remain courteous: To enhance effective communication in the workplace, you need to practice respectful communication and work through differences positively.
– Stay open-minded: Make sure your employees feel comfortable approaching you with ideas or concerns.

4. Have One-On-One Interactions:
Schedule one-on-one meetings with your team members. These meetings show your employees that you value them and are willing to connect with them more personally. Plus, the timid or reserved ones tend to be more open and share valuable information and feedback in private settings.

5. Schedule Weekly Team Meetings:
Team managers can meet with team members to review each week’s accomplishments, challenges and concerns. They can also set goals and tasks for the following week and even discuss big-picture ideas. You can also take a step further by documenting important conversations and sharing recaps to clarify points and help the team remember recommendations and action points.

6. Make Time For Team Building:
Team building activities often create a dynamic working environment, where people feel safe and build their confidence. Let them socialize and collaborate through activities such as icebreaker games, puzzle-solving games, fitness sessions, team lunches and movie dates. Team members will loosen up and improve communication and team collaboration, promoting employee retention

7. Show Appreciation:
Businesses with engaged and happy workers make 23% more profits than those with miserable employees. To move closer to achieving your goals as an organization, you need to appreciate employees and show you care. Thank them for their brilliant ideas or for completing a task quickly. And that includes zeroing in on exactly what made you happy. It will show that you’re genuine, and they can replicate it, too.